F11E2 news release 100423B




Using a standard wing fold hinge, one person can fold the wings and with a special tow bar attach it to a standard ball hitch and tow his plane home!


Falconar Avia Inc wishes to announce new plans, kits and parts are available for a folding wing for the Jodel D11 derived F11E.  The F11E is a lightweight version of the F11A two seat amateur built sport plane.  It uses lightweight engines 50 to 100 hp such as is made by Rotax, Hirth, Jabiru and the like.  It meets the FAA Sport Aircraft rules.


The nominal width folded is eight feet.  This makes it road towable almost anywhere by car.  The great feature is that the wing panels can be folded by only one person the pilot.  The new wing can be used on any F11, F11A, F11E and the D11.  The very easy to build F11E is all wood and plywood, fabric covered and coated with the modern very weatherproof Hipec finish that does not require laborious rib stitching or taping.  The fold mechanism is a standard FS-147 as used in the folding wing mods for the Ercoupe and AMF-14H Maranda.


Further information can be found from Falconar Avia Inc. website at www.falconaravia.com.