Canopy Bubbles

Falconar Avia has returned to the successful line of canopy bubbles first introduced in the 1960ís. They are optically clear, having been blown from acrylic plastic. Tinted bubbles can also be blown. Various shapes and thicknessí can also be produced.

Customers wanting a particular shape can order a 1/5 scale model bubble. The test bubble can be made quite economically to determine optimum shape. The full size one would be almost an exact replica.

Falconar Avia has supplied bubbles for various aircraft - Piel Emeraude, F11 & F12, Jurca Sirocco, 2/3 Mustang, Cavalier and numerous others.

[Click here for line drawing of Mustang canopy]

Most aircraft have canopies that slide backwards from the windshield. Canopies of course must be cut from complete bubbles when they are free blown - done for the best optic clarity with almost no distortion. The byproduct is a bubble windshield. Not all aircraft designs incorporate a bubble windshield. We often get two bubble windshields left over from the production of one canopy. As an example, the Ercoupe 415C & E can be equipped with a bubble windshield. Many types of low wing amateur built aircraft can benefit in performance from a bubble windshield alone. Bubble windshields and bubble canopies enhance performance over flat or single curvature windshields or windows. For instance, an Ercoupe will cruise at 115mph with the bubble canopy as opposed to its Ercoupe predecessorís cruise of 105mph when single curvature windows and windshield are used.

Any width and length can be made up to that permitted by the largest acrylic sheet available.

Most popular initial sheet thickness is 3/16" (5mm). This thins to about 3/32" (2mm).

Max height is W/2. Once cut, resulting bubble is flexible so that it can be higher, narrower and slightly longer. We can make scale bubbles (usually 1/5) to determine customerís preferred shape. Because the bubbles are free blown, the height may vary plus or minus 1" (25mm).  The great advantage of free blown bubbles is that they are optically close to perfect. Vacuum formed bubbles can be made to a specific shape but are almost impossible to be without some optical distortion and imperfection.

An easily peelable protective coating is applied to preserve the bubble against dust and minor damage. Tinted acrylic is available. Canopies can be blown from polycarbonate (Lexan) but the process is more complicated.  For polycarbonate bubbles multiply cost by 2.3.

Discounts are available for quantity orders in one crate. A great saving in shipping can be realized with multiple quantity orders.

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