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“This simple and lightweight process provides an alternative to traditional aircraft coverings.”  “As the finish is applied, the layers merge together into one cohesive whole which is unbelievably strong. Using a sharp pocket knife, I found it impossible to scrape the HIPEC finish of a sample of Ceconite fabric.”
 “If applied properly, there is no sanding required to create a mirror-smooth finish with the HIPEC system!”  “Furthermore, samples left over from the exposure tests conducted in 1967 are still flexible and un-cracked today.” - John W. Conrad, Sport Pilot

“HIPEC uses a special sun barrier that also glues the fabric to the airframe. This eliminates the need for ribstitching, fabric tapes, and saves weight plus a lot of labor”  Talking with some builders who have used HIPEC, we couldn’t find anyone who didn’t like it. One gentleman had used HIPEC on his Jodel decades ago and said it still looked completely new. We had a chance to see two of the Lazairs recovered and they looked great, very slick without all those tapes on them.” – Ultraflight Magazine, July 2000

“The secret to the whole process is that the HIPEC Sun Barrier adheres the fabric to the wingribs and other structures so well that no tapes, rib stitching or other mechanical means are needed to back up the attachment.”  “Tests have shown that the adhesion does not break down over time, even when water-immersed for years or exposed to sun or harmful chemicals such as fuel and oil. The bursting tests conducted indicate that the system gives superior strength to any other means of attachment.” – KITPLANES, June 2001

“My 2/3 scale Jenny took just short of a year to complete. FAA gave the nod last month and she’s in the air. She has the HIPEC covering system… I will never ever use another system to cover an experimental aircraft.” – Tom LeRoy, Montana, November 2001

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