F11E2 folding wing plans ready (100417A)


An easy to follow set of plans is now ready for distribution.  They consist of 6 sheets 24” x 36” and 30 sheets 11” x 17”.  With the set go 2 sheets 11 x 17 for the standard FS-147 for the folding wing mechanism so that you can build your own if you want.  Most wing ribs are full size.  A step-by-step manual is included.

The center section installs to the fuselage just as the original F11.  Each outer panel attaches with two bolts/pins at the main spar and one bolt/pin at the rear near the trailing edge.  If only occasional wing folding will be done, then bolts are used with a nut on the bottom of each.  That means climbing under the wing to remove them.  The quick fold feature is almost identical except no nuts are used so the attaching pieces are referred to as pins.  They have round tips that protrude bellow the bottom skin so that they can be seen simply by looking under the wing.  A placard in the cockpit is specified that says “CHECK 6 PINS PROTRUDING AT JOINS UNDER WING”.

To fold a wing, open two covers on top of wing.  Disconnect aileron cables and nav light plug.  Place a portable fold up trestle under each outer panel.  Pull the three pins out using the special puller.  At the wingtip, jiggle the wing loose and pull outwards until it stops.  Then walk it to its support at the tail.  Install the safety bar at the cockpit.

We have designed an automatic aileron connection.  It is only available in sketch form at this time.

Cover the wing sections with the Hipec covering system.  It does not require any rib stitching or taping.

We have two wing wood kits in stock.  We can supply any hardware and parts as required.

Complete set of wing fold plans and manual, including wing fold mechanism -     8 plans 2’ x 3’, 30 plans 11” x 17” and instruction manual to build center section and to build outer panels spars ------------------ $290 + post – Canada & US - $15.  Airmail elsewhere --------------- $70

Aluminum spring leaf type main landing gear layout and installation – 5 sheets           

11” x 17” ----------------------------------------------- $35 + post  -  Canada & US  -  $5 Airmail elsewhere --------------- $10

Aileron control automatic connection 14 sketches 8 ½” x 11”--------------------  $25  (no extra postage when ordered with complete set)




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