C.B. FALCONAR, Dipl. AeEng., AME M&S, EAA 2083 Councilor 266


The following is an abbreviated list of accomplishments and achievements in the aviation industry.




1.            Employed at Noorduyn Aviation Ltd., Cartierville, Quebec in 1943 on final assembly of Norseman, windshield frame installation, etc.

2.            Employed by Trans Canada Airlines, Dorval, Quebec, on Liberators, Lancasters, North Star and DC-3 in the Sheet Metal Department and later in Ground Equipment doing welding and assembly work.

3.            Employed by Canadian Car and Foundry Co. Ltd., St. Laurent, Quebec.  Worked on Helldriver, Burnelli, Norseman, Harvard, Firefly and Seafire doing sheet metal fabrication, component overhaul and sub-assembly.

4.            Worked for Canadair Ltd., St Laurent, Quebec, as toolmaker for F86 and later in special section of Sheet Metal Department making parts for C5 and first ten F86s.

5.            Mr. Falconar received his education at McGill University and S.A.I.T., in Calgary graduating with diplomas in Aeronautical Engineering and also Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in 1952.

6.            He spent 3 years with Spartan Air Services, the World’s largest aerial survey company at the time, as Crew Engineer, mostly on Anson survey aircraft.  Mr. Falconar was based in many parts of every province of Canada and Yukon, Alaska and N.W.T..

7.            He is bilingual speaking English and French.  He also has some knowledge of other languages including German, Czech, Spanish and Italian.

8.            Selected and served as Canadian team member to the World Soaring Championships in France, 1956.

9.            Introduced to the North American market many aircraft for amateur construction (mostly of French design):  Jodel, Mignet, Emeraude, Fauvel, Jurca and many others.  This involved translating, writing brochures, writing construction manuals, designing modifications, standards conversion, amendments and supplemental plans.  Over 3700 sets of plans have been sold.

10.         Mr Falconar held #17 Glider Pilot License in Canada until renumbering took place recently.  He came 2nd in the Open Class in the Canadian National Soaring Championships at Regina in 1959.

11.         Developed design of AMF-S14 “Maranda” 2 seat, high wing, STOL homebuilt.  Over 50 have flown.  The latest version, the AMF-S14H is now under development and plans are still popular for the standard model.

12.         Founded the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 30 in 1957 in Edmonton.  It is Canada’s first EAA Chapter and is still in operation today.

13.         Founded the Edmonton Soaring Club in 1957.  The club is still in operation today, and is one of Canada’s major soaring centers.

14.         Awarded the Cessna Aircraft Company trophy in 1960 for “Outstanding Contribution towards Sport Aviation.”

15.         Designed, built and tested the “Little Demon” light aircraft engine for the Indonesian Government.  Later it was marketed in the USA and Canada.  Many sets of plans and books sold.

16.         Designed propellers for “Little Demon” engine, airboats, gyroplanes, Cyclocrane airship and for many other applications.

17.         Procured first Canadian approval for a Canadian manufactured polyester fabric known as “Lincoln Cloth”.  Authored its DOT approved application manual.

18.         Developed the highly successful HIPEC Finishing System.  Authored the book “The Modern Method of Covering and Finishing.”  Conducted the research and testing to prove the system.  Hipec is being exported, not only to the United States but also to many other countries in the world.

19.         Test pilot for many small aircraft after overhaul and major repair both powered and sailplanes.  Test flew prototype Teal amphibian, ARV Golden Hawk canard and Penz HP211 sailplane.

20.         Designed the FAL/SAL Mustang replica.  Over 800 sets of plans sold.  16 have flown.  Many kits and parts produced and sold worldwide.  Plans described by aeronautical engineer, Dave Blanton of Wichita, KS, as “the best set of plans ever produced for a homebuilt aircraft.”

21.         Has written numerous articles, columns and technical papers for magazines such as Sport Aviation, Canadian Aviation, etc.

22.         Designed and built the XFB-D70 Educational Wind Tunnel for the City of Edmonton School Board.

23.         Rescued severely damaged aircraft from Rocky Mountains by designing temporary “on site” repairs for ferrying.  One of these aircraft was a Champion Challenger wrecked on a mountaintop at an oil rig site.  It required new wing struts and propeller.  He and its pilot had to repair control system and belly and a wing tip.  The whole project took little less than two days after which the aircraft was flown off the mountain strip to Fort St. John, B.C.  Another rescue in the midst of the British Columbia northern mountains involved the repair of a wing spar in a Britten – Norman Islander twin engine aircraft that was so badly damaged that one wing was twisted 3 degrees different than the other wing.  It was repaired and flown out in 48 hours after adjustment of down flaps and on aileron tab to compensate for the change in wing incidence.  The test pilot was able to fly it almost hands-off after Chris’s on-site calculations to determine its ability to stay stable.  The flight was taken to Watson Lake, Yukon and then to Vancouver.

24.         Designed and received Transport Canada approval for more than 1000 plans for repair schemes and modifications such as installations of engine type change, radio, fuel tanks, tundra wheels, tow hooks, seats, battery, folding wing, etc.

25.         Flew as navigator on DeHavilland and Tiger Moth on floats across Canada from Cooking Lake, Alberta to Toronto, Ontario, after 22 hours of flying and 4 days.

26.         Mr. Falconar is personally acquainted with many of North America’s best aviation writers such as Don and Julia Downie, Ken Armstrong, Dave Loveman, Mary Jones, Norm Goyer, Dave Martin, George Jacquemin, Ed Collins, Paul Poberezny and many others.

27.         Mr. Falconar has been an EAA Technical Councilor since its inception.

28.         He has written technical newsletters for Hirth engines, HIPEC finishes, Mustang replica, and many others.

29.         Falconar is a editor of many training and technical publications.

30.         Mr. Falconar is a skilled developer of service bulletins and issued a large amount of these covering a variety of subjects and products produced.

31.         Mr. Falconar is personally acquainted with many aircraft designers, engineers and executives in USA, Canada UK, France, Germany Czech Republic and many other countries of the world.

32.         Project Design Engineer for the ARV Golden Hawk.  Design was begun in Jun/86 and the prototype was test flown on Aug 15/86, 2 ˝ months later.  Five aircraft were produced.

33.         Co-designer of “Teal Amphibian”, 1965/67.  Over 200 sets of plans sold.

34.         Designed “Dynamount” for 2 stroke light aircraft engines which were produced for RX Beaver, Husky/Bushmaster, Rans, Kitfox, Merlin, Renegade, Avid Flyer, Avid Amphibian, Zenair and others.

35.         Compiled, edited and authored Hirth engine manuals for aircraft engine servicing and installation and related parts books.

36.         Developed the F11E and F11G two seat side-by-side sport aircraft for amateur construction.  Over100 F11 and F12s have been flown.

37.         Designed Hirth installations for Murphy Renegades, Zenair CH701, Macair Merlin, Fisher FP404 and others.

38.         He has been President of Hirth Engines International Inc., North American distributor (1987-1992).

39.         In 1991, he was presented with EAA award for “outstanding achievement” for EAA and Canadian Aviation, presented by Paul Poberezny of EAA International at COPA convention in Edmonton.

40.         Designed, built and had DOT approved, various mods for Ercoupe including shoulder harness kit, folding wings, big baggage compartment and others.

41.         Developed tundra tire installations for the DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft.  Special adapter rims were designed to accommodate DC-3 extra large tires.  This involved the design and construction of a special test frame with rollers, jacks and strain gauges for the 5 month testing program for Supplemental Type Approval.  Rims were also designed and built for 6.00 x 6 wheel to adapt big tundra tires on the Helio Courier and any aircraft using these kinds of wheels.

42.         Co-designer of floats installation and rigging for the Vans RV-6 sport plane.  Designed the required ventral fin.

43.         Awarded “50-year pin” for 50 years in aviation by Edmonton Quarter Century Aviation Club.

44.         He has given lectures and conducted forums at aviation functions at Edmonton, Red Deer, Vancouver, B.C., Arlington, WA., Lakeland, FL., and Oshkosh, WI., on many technical subjects such as engine installations, aircraft finishing, fuel systems, aerodynamics and structures.

45.         He worked on DHC-3 Otters for Coxair Industries Ltd., 1975-76, doing major structural rebuilds and inspections.

46.         He worked on the design of the Bick Airstair Door for the DHC-6 and its installation.

47.         Director of Western Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association, 2003-2005.

48.         President of EAA Chapter 30, 2002-2006.





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